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Delmont, Gina

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education


The purpose of this project was to create uniform communication between the NIU Athletic Training Education Program (ATEP) students and faculty at the ATEP clinical sites. Students involved in the ATEP are placed at various schools in the area as part of their clinical education and supervise all sports practices and activities. There is a potentially dangerous communication gap that currently exists between these allied health faculty and students. This creates a need for consistent and open communication so that in case of emergency, all ATEP members will know what to do. To solve this problem, the process included three parts. The first was to open up discussion and survey professional members of the ATEP. These results are presented in part one of the project. Their ideas were then used to create a uniform plan of action in the case of athletic injuries. This is presented in part two of the project. Finally, the manuals were given to members of the ATEP along with meetings scheduled to be held at the beginning of each semester. This will address any new issues, allow everyone to meet new ATEP members and discuss any necessary changes in the manual.


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