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Ghrayeb, Omar A.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


SPX is hydraulic company located in Rockford, Illinois that manufactures high-pressure hydraulic components. They make a variety of products that include handpumps, hydraulic pumps to be used in heavy machinery, hydraulic rams and pistons for leveling structures, railroad equipment, cable tools and much more. Our focus for this project is to produce a plan for redesigning the current production floor layout for SPX. To do this we obtained all of the current data for the facility including high-volume part numbers and their routings. After we gained this information we conducted a CORELAP algorithm analysis to determine placement of the departments in the layout. These results were then used to find the optimal layout for the facility and then reanalyze the material flow. Upon comparing the original and revised flow, it was shown that if out improvements were implemented, SPX would save about 15% on material handling costs each year which translates into about $500,000 a year. We recommend implementation of the revised layout due to the fact that the return on investment will only take about a year and overall profits will be significantly higher for SPX in the future.


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