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Shimizu, Hidetada, 1960-

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Leadership, Educational Psychology and Foundations


Disability is a term that is used in many contexts, areas and walks of life. It has only recently started to be recognized. It is for this reason there are still many misconceptions regarding disabilities and the perception is rather skewed. It is for this reason there exists a rather large divide between disability, the truth and perception of it. The confusion and uncertainty of any fact creates a barrier between people with disabilities and people without. It is for this reason they often become isolated into their own group or culture like the deaf community. In light of this, I have conducted a small study to investigate the possible divide and differences that exists between people with and without disabilities. Through this study, people in general may be better informed about such a divide. The purpose of the study is to try and understand this divide by shedding light into what the term disability means to different groups of people. The study hence compares the lives and perceptions that are prevalent between different groups of people regarding disabilities.

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