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Lemanski, Dan

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Management


Office Services is a small temporary agency and secretarial service company founded four years ago by a mother daughter team of former temporary employees. After struggling for three years, the firm petitioned N.I.U.'s Small Business Institute for aid in increasing the company's sales. Northern responded with a student team comprised of Jeff Goldberg and Brian Helmer with Dan Lemanski, coordinator of the Small Business Institute, as the advisor. The purpose of this report is to present the major findings of the student team including the problems found, and the solutions proposed. The prime focus of this report is the personnel management of the company, rather than financial planning. During the ten week stay, the team found six main problems: organization of management, lack of direction or focus, overstated markets, incorrect pricing schedule, dropping sales levels, and recruitment of new employees. Through interviews, meetings, and outside research, possible solutions were proposed and appear in this report. If Office Services reorganizes their management hierarchy, sets goals for the company, determine a new pricing formula, and improve advertising efforts, they can capitalize on a highly profitable situation.


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