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Giza, Aleksandra

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B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts)

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The purpose of my nutrition book is to provide a resource that can be used for measurements of serving sizes. It is a pictorial form of serving sizes that presents a variety of foods. The main content is mostly pictorial—therefore, people of many languages and levels of literacy can understand it. Almost everyone would find this book useful, especially nutritionists, people who are dieting, health professionals, or anyone who cooks. The main idea is to make people aware of the foods they are eating and in what quantities they should be eating them. Food groups are not combined in this book. Instead, I chose to break the foods down into basic components, which are commonly consumed. For example, there is not a measurement for pizza in the book, but by combining the serving sizes of the main ingredients the reader can understand how much one piece of pizza is worth and how many servings it contains. Looking at the basics of food before preparation into a meal gives the viewer an awareness of what combinations of foods make up meals from fast food to fine dining restaurants. I edited out the unnecessary bits of information and simplified the food to something universal that everyone can relate to.


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