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Cockburn, Bethany

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Management


Everyone will negotiate at least once in their lifetime, and some people negotiate every day. The aim of Negotiating Through A Huskie is to compare effective negotiation techniques used in practice as well as theoretical techniques used by leaders experiencing change management across different offices and departments. Change management significantly impacts individual and team performance in a company or organization. When experiencing organizational change, leaders must be willing to redirect or redefine the processes for a company or organization. Using effective negotiation techniques helps two or more parties reach a beneficial outcome which in turn facilitates organizational change. I analyzed scholarly articles describing theoretical negotiation techniques used by other leaders. Also, I reflected on the negotiation techniques I used with managing Northern Illinois University’s (NIU) Huskie Service Scholars (HSS) program. I want to demonstrate that using effective negotiation techniques while redirecting and redefining processes for a company or organization produces a favorable outcome and positive outcome for all parties involved. As a student leader and business Management major, I want to make practical and theoretical suggestions to future leaders experiencing change management.


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