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Cole, Karen

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Special and Early Education


In the field of special education there is a constant battle between parents, students, and the school district. This is due to the rising costs of transitional services, and the lack of parent rights education that takes place in the school. The purpose of this thesis was to find multiple perspectives on parent rights and transition service delivery. These perspectives were discovered primarily through research articles. After looking at the research, it was decided that a book of parental rights should be composed. Informal interviews with transitional information took place in order to better understand the variety of transitional service perspectives in special education. These interviews served as a guide to writing the book and determining what concepts required clearer explanations. The task was not only to give parents more knowledge about their rights, but to explain their rights in the simplest form possible. The final product includes this research paper which I wrote independently, and an informational handbook, Parents' and Students' Guide to Special Education which combined the interview research topics of my study and those of Christine Machnick.


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