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Cole, Karen

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Special and Early Education


Students with special needs have rights that are guaranteed to them by the federal law IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities with Education Act). The students are their parents need to be infonned of their rights. If they are not well infonned the student might be disadvantaged. The parents need to be advocates for their child. The parents need to understand special education and the rights that their child has to be effective advocates. The rising cost of education often cause students not to receive the services in which they are entitled. The purpose of this project was to research the services that students were receiving and how funding effects these services. After looking at the research which included a review of published materials as well as interviews it was detennined that a book explaining the basics of special education and the rights of the student should be composed. The final products include a research paper and a section of a book that I wrote independently, and when combined with Karoline Salvador's project becomes: Parents' and Students' Guide to Special Education.


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Multiple perspectives on the services received and funding for students with IEPs

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