Mark Reyes

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Schmidt, Gregory D., 1952-

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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The 1988 Mexican elections appeared to signal a transition in Mexican politics away from one party rule and toward and open system. This thesis attempts to identify the underlying economic causes of this trend and its likely future course. To analyze Mexican politics, the research included books with background information and contemporary periodical articles to ensure timeliness. The thesis is organized chronologically beginning in the 1970’s and devotes considerable space to the emerging role of opposition groups and the likely course of future events. It was discovered that the opening of the political system is tied to two major variables—economic policy and the emerging need for political alternatives. These two factors coincide to reduce the legitimacy of the ruling party and government. As a result, the government has been forced to open the system to retain some credibility. The conclusion attempts to predict the future course of events. Mexico is heading toward an open political system, but will arrive there only after further economic pains and possibly some social unrest. The future of the economic and political system are much brighter than at any time in the past twenty years.


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