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West, Tim (Professor of accountancy)

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Accountancy


This paper seeks to improve websites by analyzing the relationship between measurable elements of a website and the number of page views. The effectiveness of a website is the ability to drive interest in the content provided on the site. Websites perform an important role of communicating the goals of the organization with potential consumers for the organization. The analysis of the metrics chosen, including bounce rate, time on site, number of visitors, and number of entrances through web pages, utilizes data from the Poetry Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to increase the prevalence of poetry, to provide an analysis utilizing real data to determine whether the predictions made in this paper are correct, and how the variables examined may be maximized to find an optimal effectiveness level. The end result is a determination of the most important metrics to watch in order to maximize the number of visitors to the website.


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