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This thesis is an examination of how the United States’ media portrays tragic events and violence to society. Its purpose is to compare the portrayal of the media’s images and news stories and contrast it to how the media made the events of September 11, 2001 a source of entertainment. My research methods include excerpts from books, newspaper articles and images, television programs and news reports, advertisements, and Internet materials that I’ve gathered since the attacks on 9/11. These sources verify that the media is still using violence and tragic events as a source of entertainment. In addition to my thesis, I have used these materials to design my own piece of media; a VHS video called Media Mix. This video coincides with my thoughts and ideas that the media should be limited and taken more lightly. I watched and recorded many different clips that provide understanding of why this violence is being portrayed as source of entertainment. I concluded from my research that, sadly enough, not only is the media still producing violence as a source of entertainment, but also, society is still accepting it.


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