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The energy poverty being witnessed in many developing countries and the fear of a deteriorating environment are some of the factors driving the nuclear renaissance. Over the years, global energy demand has continued to increase without matching supply, giving signs of impending energy crises. The argument for nuclear technology seems to sound more convincing in the face of these problems. After more than two decades following the accidents of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island, the fear of global warming allegedly coming from fossil fuel seems to be trumping the fear and apprehension associated with radiation. With the rise in trade and industry in many emerging economies, the proponents of nuclear technology have been advocating for its usage in some of these developing nations. This paper examines different alternative energy sources. It also explores the potentials of nuclear technology vis-a-vis the environmental health and safety issues. In conclusion, the paper contends that even though nuclear energy has great potential, and is capable of providing emission free energy, the financial cost, security, environmental health, and safety implications of its usage currently makes it an unrealistic means for most developing nations.


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