Wendy Brown

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Waldeland, Lynne

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Anthropology


The senses of an entering freshman college student are immediately bombarded with various confusing stimuli. It is a difficult process to search through all of this new information to find that which would interest the student most. Along with books, lectures and homework, college provides the opportunity for students to discover a world wherein they can become an active participant. It is, however, the choice of the student to make the final decision, to decide what to believe in, where to put their time and energies. During the fall semester of 1987 I decided to conduct my graduate school education in the field of Visual Anthropology, a field that could possibly combine all of the aspects of Anthropology (Linguistics, Cultural, Physical, and Archaeology). Spring semester of 1988 I took a class in film studies and planned to write and produce my own film over the summer. It was over the summer that I realized the true difficulties of film and film production. I resolved instead to write a film script, for possible production in graduate school, during the next fall semester (1988). I began to gather ideas for my script early September. With the patients and guidance of my advisor, Dr. Lynne Waldeland, my script began to develop into its present form.


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