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I chose the title “From the eyes of the adolescent” to challenge individuals to look at the world the adolescents point of view. Adolescents face pressures; changes and the expectation of having to meet everyone demands which can be very overwhelming and can possibly cause them to lash out from frustration and not having anyone to talk to. Facing these types of demands and changes has been known to cause individuals to make irrational and unwise decisions. Adolescents have to meet the demands of the school, home, peer, body changes and the feeling like no one understands or is interested in taking time to hear their issues or concerns. As helping professionals, family members, and community members, we try to find out what the problem is in order to find a solution and create programs that will have a lasting impact on the adolescent. Parents approach situations eager to know what’s causing the adolescent to behave in a certain manner. We desire to help the adolescent but refuse to allow them to have a voice. If we take time and put our concerns to the side to actually hear and observe the things that adolescents face on an everyday basis, we will be able to affectively assist them in how to handle the demands of changes they are going thru. We would be able to show empathy towards the adolescents so they become open to the help or assistance that may be provided, as well as programs that will help them. In conclusion, I believe the solution is to develop programs that will build the family structure. This will help to give the whole family including the adolescent what they need to effectively communicate amongst each other and grow in unity. As helping professionals we can teach skills to the whole family and still provide help to the adolescent with taking on full responsibility. This will help to change them individual andin their family environment at home. One program I came up with is “A Better Me, A Better You” which means that as I become better individually, the family bond becomes better; their personal environments began to change and their perception. Another view of this program is as I help someone else to achieve better, I will become a better person in the process causing a unique impact.


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