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More and more industries are entering into a global economy, which opens the windows of possibilities but also brings new challenges. One such challenge is leaders being able to effectively lead such a diverse group of people. The purpose of this paper is to examine different cultural dimensions of five regions, each consisting of the two or three biggest countries in that region. After those dimensions are defined within each region, leadership styles for each region will be defined. Thus giving leaders a source to turn to when faced with the task of leading those from the regions that are defined in this work. After these styles are laid out, this work aims to compile a list of characteristics that could be considered "universal" for the selected regions. The paper is divided by cultural dimension with each region being looked at within that context. As a result, leadership styles can be found by combining different combinations of the cultural dimensions. The majority of the research to was conducted by the GLOBE studies. Other articles were examined to help define different dimensions and add other opinions on the impact of these dimensions in those cultures. Interviews were also conducted with a number of foreign students who are studying at Northern Illinois University. Their inputs were used as anecdotal evidence and not to prove, true or false, the findings of the published research.


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