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WELCOME to the circulation desk at Founder's Memorial Library! Congratulations on your new job--it can be very enjoyable, and it probably will be after you are comfortable with all of the tasks which you will be responsible for performing. This manual contains most of the information which you will need to work effectively at the desk. It seems like a lot of information at first glance, doesn't it? The best advice is to absorb as much of this as possible at first, and don't start to worry about how much of it there is. Many of the things you will learn will hardly ever be used, and the others will become habit! (Most new employees begin to feel comfortable after about a month on the job.) More good advice is to ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS. The person(s) who will be training you went through all of this not too long ago, and everyone remembers how difficult it seems at first. Don't be shy! Good luck with your new job!


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