Laura Deutsch

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Marchewka, Jack T.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Operations Management and Information Systems


The purpose ofthis study is to develop a framework to support project teams by looking into knowledge management and the learning cycle. Knowledge management's main objective is to capture, organize, and share what members of the organization know. The payoffs of effective knowledge management include fewer mistakes, less redundancy, quicker problem solving, better decision-making, reduced research, and improved end results. The learning cycle has been used to describe how people learn. Several different models are discussed and the basic concepts include understanding an experience or framing a project, planning what you need to learn, acting on the plans or getting what you need, and finally learning, reflecting, evaluating , and gaining understanding. This study involved action learning within a project team. I concluded the most effective way to work through the learning cycle and record the steps, along with the lessons learned. I also proposed that the use of the Lotus Notes/Domino platform along with the "Raven" suite to be the most effective for project teams and knowledge management.


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