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The Just-in-Time "Mania" is spreading throughout the world. Recent Just-in-Time headlines have highlighted a glorious future for American manufacturing, and journals are full of success stories. Just-in-Time is a journey towards improvement that provides a great challenge to manufacturers who desire to achieve excellence. If a company expects to be a competitor it is important that it focuses on the Just-in-Time issues that will make it succeed. The issues for achieving Just-in-Time success include: structured flow manufacturing--the Operating process should be highly structured and should be closer together by minimizing space and time between operations; Small lot production--the objective should be to cut lot sizes in half; Setup reduction--there should be an active program to reduce setups; Meeting customer demand--the JIT company should research and understand the customer; Total employee involvement--small group improvement activities should be implemented; Housekeeping--the workplace should be organized for efficiency; Total quality focus-- the production process should be stopped by the employee when there is quality problem; Preventive maintenance--all equipment should be in a constant state of readiness; Supplier partnerships--there should be shared quality goals among the customer and supplier; Pull system--there should be a mechanism in place through the production process with the objective of keeping the time of products as close as possible to the time of using parts.


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