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Krueger, Luke

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Family, Consumer, and Nutrition Sciences


For my honors capstone project, I created an artistic piece called “Invisible Starlit.” “Invisible Starlit” is a one-woman show about my childhood years as I struggled with being bullied and unnoticed. This script is non-fiction and gives readers a first-hand look at the effects of bullying and metaphoric invisibility through my eyes as it happened to me with a comedic twist for relief. What started out as just a short, personal paper for one of my theatre classes turned out to be an entire play after I found myself continuing to write more about my personal experiences with bullying and being unnoticed. The process it took to write this script involved long nights of pondering my own thoughts and memories while jotting down notes regarding past stories that I could highlight within this play. In addition, while I understand that bullying is not a laughable topic, I found it necessary to add comic relief to this play because I am a personal fan of comedy. Lastly, this play progresses through my stages of identity development as a result of bullying, but due to a surprising turn of events, I blossomed out of my invisible shell and became a “star.”


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