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Costello, Mary (Professor of education)

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Literacy and Elementary Education


The following project utilized children's literature to create lesson plans and activities that could be used to supplement an elementary curriculum, grades fourth through sixth. The purpose of the project was to develop lesson plans that integrated children's literature into the content areas and set the learning experiences in child centered, authentic contexts. Research has shown that children's literature can be used as an effective learning tool in the elementary classroom. This project uses children's literature to help teach many concepts that occur across an elementary curriculum. The focus of the lessons created center around the fourth through sixth grades, but many lessons can be adapted for younger or older students. This unit, however, is not to be taught independently. The intent was to create a unit that would supplement an intermediate curriculum currently established. Research methods used to complete this project included reading over 200 children's picture books and 8 children's chapter books. Other resources in children's literature and curriculum development, including several articles, a textbook, and the internet were used for research. I discovered from this project many ways and advantages to using children's literature in the classroom. Children's literature serves as an appropriate resource in any elementary classroom and can benefit students in academic and personal ways.


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