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Russo, Nancy L.

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It was in my knowledge that India always possessed a large pool of technical talent within itself, which was comparable to world standards. A question that I always dwelled over was that, even though India was one of the giants in Software development, what were the underlying reasons for not implementing Software technology within it's own business settings? The engine behind the growth of the IT industry in India has been software exports. This industry has been growing at an annual rate of30% since 1988. There are no signs of abatement in that growth rate. There are an abundance of software programmers and skilled management personnel in India and this would attract more international companies to form tie-ups. Computers in India have a longer life period compared to developed countries. Due to the low cost of maintenance and high cost of new hardware, Indians tend to use computers for many years. The crucial advantage for India will be ability to leap frog over many intermediate technologies and use the latest. The high cost of hardware forces programmers to develop cost-effective and efficient programs that get the best out of the machines. Adaptability is an essential part of Indian culture; hence, there should not be any cultural factors that could inhibit the growth of information technology. Companies have been reluctant to pursue the massive domestic market, choosing instead to pursue established international markets for Information Technology. Another potential problem within the Indian software sector is the shift from an emphasis on programmers to a need for higher-level skilled personnel. There is a need for quality analysts able to understand and decide what a business is all about and how to best represent it in computing terms. Furthermore, it can be said that programming is incidental and routine and will soon be performed by computers using programming generators. Lastly, there seems to be an overemphasis on software product and an under-emphasis on the software development process, where primitive design and old production techniques are still being used. The current growth patterns of the industry are truly remarkable, and the industry's strengths by far outweigh its weaknesses. As long as software companies manage their growth effectively and apply their resources to further develop and nurture the developing domestic market, they may be poised to claim first place in the global software industry.


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