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Mackie, Brian

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Operations Management and Information Systems


Team collaboration is an important part of working in business today. With the advancement of technology, individuals can benefit by using electronic collaboration in a variety of environments including offices, schools, and homes. As a research interest, I have recently become fascinated by how technology can benefit users in these settings through electronic collaboration tools. Therefore, I have developed two hypotheses for my area of research interest. First, the frequency of technology usage by students after two weeks using the tool in a team setting will increase. Second, the acceptance of technology by students after two weeks using the tool in a team setting will increase. In order to test my hypothesis, I have used a quantitative methodology. My study is a progressive test experiment that compares sets of data over a short period of time. Initially, I gave a pilot test survey to several students in order to develop my research survey questions. The tool I used for collecting information was a set of electronic surveys in which thirty-eight subjects each submitted three questionnaires. These students were given an opportunity to use e-collaboration tools throughout a team project. After the surveys were completed, a data analysis was performed. This included statistical analysis to test my hypotheses and provide support for them. After the data analysis was complete, several conclusions were drawn from the results. The first hypothesis was not supported; there was actually a slight decrease in the frequency of technology usage over two weeks within work teams. On the other hand, my second hypothesis was supported by the data analysis. I found that students find several features and benefits of e-collaboration that are necessary for communicating in virtual environments. As a result, students should increase their exposure to the variety of e-collaboration tool features available in order for them to understand their standard benefits. For further research, a study should be done comprised of a greater volume of data subjects as well as more time between survey distributions. This could improve the accuracy of the data analysis and allow one to derive more thorough conclusions.


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