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The Museum Management Program is the key component to this capstone. The program is modeled after the Northern Illinois University Anthropology Museum's database. The program is defined as a collections management tool, because it enables the user to manage a collection database, a budget database, loan agreements and other miscellaneous daily activities. Before beginning to design the museum management program a survey was used to choose the best features to integrate into the program. Also, a formal interview was conducted over the phone on August 30, 2004. Information was gathered from this interview about how museums, especially small museums, are run. When the idea was formed to create a collections management program the programming tool of choice was Microsoft's Visual Basic .NET (VB .Net). However, after reviewing the survey data the most logical choice was to create an application overlay in Microsoft Access. The survey confirmed the hypothesis of this project. Small museums do not have the technology they need because they do not have large enough budgets or staff to acquire the technology. Database management tools are fundamental to the museum profession since they allow museums to function properly.


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