May-Myo Khine

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Papka, Michael E.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Computer Science


Data visualization is the representation of data and information using visual elements such as graphs, charts and maps to communicate information clearly and efficiently. Data visualization exposes data patterns, trends and correlations better than text-based data. It allows users to comprehend and analyze information quickly. It makes complex data to be more understandable and usable. This Capstone project is a research study of creating data visualization dashboard to present data in a meaningful way, and to improve understanding of large data sets in a simple format. To achieve the project purpose, I use datasets from the Array of Things (AoT) project. AoT is a network of nodes that are installed around the cities to collect real-time, location-based data on environment, infrastructure and activity for research and public use. There are AoT nodes in Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Portland, Seattle, Stanford, and Syracuse. The result of this capstone project is an interactive dashboard to visualize the AoT data focusing on the city of Chicago. Using the dashboard, users can select the node id and the tool presents the result data using visual graphs and charts of the selected node id. Though my work uses and creates a visualization tool for the AoT data, the techniques and ideas that can be applied to other similar data sources as well. (799 kB)
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