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Russell, Susan D.

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This project attempts a structural study of 25 Philippine origin myths primarily following the analytical approach of Claude Levi-Strauss. From a structural perspective, Philippine origin and creation myths deal most frequently with bridging the contradiction between this world and the divine realms of the skyworld and underworld, and the division of male and female. Myths from all major divisions of the archipelago will be analyzed to show how liminal, mediating categories attempt to resolve these contradictions by placing the certain concepts, beings and rituals in anomalous and dangerous or a heightened sacralized state. The historic reality of influence by major world religions in the area has undoubtedly transformed these mediating categories and effected the structures of these myths. Some attention will therefore be devoted to interpreting the effects of Christianity on the basic structures of these myths by using Leach's structural study of "Genesis as Myth" as a comparative measure.


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