Kyle Ramirez

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Sharp, Bart

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Translation is rapidly becoming a commodity for businesses worldwide. Interpro Translation Solutions needs to find ways to gain a competitive advantage over companies that are able to gain customers through lower prices. To help Interpro, I performed a strategic audit of the company's operations. This included looking at the size of the company, the company's organizational structure, the process through which a new project is implemented, relationships with customers, the business strategy used, and expenses distributed through each department. I was able to gather this information through face-to-face interviews the various employees in the company, including the Chief Executive Officer, a project engineer, a desktop publisher, and a project manager. They each told me of problems in their specific department, as well as problems within the company as a whole. I found similarities in the problems each of the employees discussed, and brainstormed ways to fix these problems to give Interpro Translation Solutions a competitive advantage over competitors.


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