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The pain that women experience during labor is specific to the individual and differs for each birthing mother. Pain during labor is affected by physiological and psychological factors and the intensity of the pain tends to vary greatly. The purpose of this literature review is to discuss the different pain management techniques available to laboring mothers and the importance of preparedness in childbirth on the effects of improving comfort and reducing pain. This paper consists of literature reviews from within the past five years, focusing on the different methods of pain intervention for childbirth. There are many methods to handling pain during childbirth, and those involved in the process should be well informed on the pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions available. Having knowledge about each woman's different expectations during labor will allow the healthcare team to better prepare a woman for labor and delivery and help them to steer the woman toward a birthing experience that is right for them. While there have been many studies done to compare the effects of different pain interventions in laboring women, the best technique is still controversial and depends on the woman.


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