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Prescription opioids contribute to the growing problem that is the opioid epidemic. According to the CDC (2017), approximately one-third of all opioid related deaths are due to prescription opioids. One way that these opioids can be decreased within society is pushing for alternative pain management therapies such as nonpharmacological methods. Data for this was obtained by searching through academic journals with the keywords: nonpharmacologic pain management, alternative therapies, pain management, and reducing opioid use. Periodic re-assessments allowed patients to be evaluated for proper pain management and allowed the opportunity to decrease medications or discontinue them. Through thoracic manipulation, physiotherapy, chiropractor use, acupuncture, and rehab facilities, patients’ pain was able to be decreased, and they could the number of opioid medications that they take. Alternative pain management therapies have proven effective at lowering patients pain perceptions and have helped to reduce the number of opioids needed. There are many different options out there that patients need to be made aware of. By increasing the multidisciplinary team, care is more focused, and patients are able to be monitored more efficiently.


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