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Coulter, Katherine

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Nursing and Health Studies


Hospitalization during childhood can interfere with a child’s progression through the developmental milestones resulting in poor mental and emotional health. Healthcare workers are able to provide care in such a way that supports healthy development if they have proper knowledge regarding the normal stages of development and how hospitalization impacts them. This review will explore the normal stages of development in children from birth until six years of age as well as various elements of hospitalization that interfere with them. Emphasis will be made on specific stressors associated with hospitalization as well as their influence on development and mental health. Literature was reviewed and analyzed to conclude that major hospital stressors such as separation, loss of control, bodily injury and pain interfere with develop and result in heightened anxiety, depression, aggression, and irritability. In response to this information, healthcare works should be able to make adjustments that ensure children experience hospitalization in the least detrimental way.


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