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The focus of this Capstone is to provide an opportunity to do independent theatrical work so one can have a clear understanding of what it takes to put on a production independently. To have a full understanding on what it’s like to play every role necessary to put up a production. This Capstone is an inside look of my experience as the producer, stage manager, playwright, director, designer, stage hand, and liaison between faculty and students within the production. This Capstone follows the development of a theatrical art piece titled Imaginary performed for and by NIU students. The development will include the creation of the script, auditions, rehearsals, and performances along with several components in between. The piece will consist of several different types of movement work and will be devised by myself and the cast that has agreed to be a part of the production. I will be using both primary and secondary sources to spark ideas to propel the process farther. This along with the help of the faculty at NIU and my mentor Dr. Heather Corwin.


Using qualitative data the cast and I will explore to find what makes an imaginary friend scary. What makes other people stand on edge? How can you relate to what is happening on stage? What does it look like? Sound like? Move like? Smell like? To find the best way to conceive these ideas and transfer it so an audience can be engaged by it.

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