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Caughron, Rodney L.

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The purpose of this project was to understand why certain Major League Baseball teams are extremely successful during Major League Baseball's regular season, but often do not have that same success in the play-offs. Similarly, why do certain teams have tremendous success in the play-offs? This project analyzed the architecture of Major League Baseball teams that had success in the regular season to teams that had success in the post season. More specifically, the teams were separated into two groups: teams that were Regular Season champions and teams that were World Series champions. The teams were analyzed and compared on the basis of how they distributed their payroll and statistics within their rosters. The analysis showed that there were differences between the two groups. There were also many similarities between the two groups which proved that successful teams are built in many of the same ways. Finally, recommendations were made on how a team can build its roster to have not only a winning team, but a championship team.


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