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Aoyama, Rahmi

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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My senior capstone project will be focused on the analysis of how Muslim leaders' religious beliefs affect their role in political decision-making. More specifically, I will be incorporating a case study regarding the blasphemy trail with the former governor of Jakarta (Basuki Purnama, otherwise known as “Ahok”). Ahok identifies as a Christian of Chinese descent. He angered many hardline Islamist groups throughout Indonesia by being accused for publicly insulting the Islamic holy book. These accusations related directly to the Al-Maidah 51 verse of the Quran, violated the Indonesia 1965 law, as well as the Indonesian national motto (BBC, 2017). Many religious conservatives took this very seriously and threatened Purnama with political violence. This case study is relevant because it shows an example of blasphemy and how religion directly affects political decision-making within a Muslim-majority nation. For my capstone project, I will also be conducting further research on the Indonesia 1965 blasphemy law and the Al Maidah, 51 verse of the Quran. This information is relevant toward my overall analysis because these factors directly affect political leaders and citizens throughout Indonesia.


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