Soha Huq

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Subramony, Mahesh

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Management


The purpose of this capstone is to determine the types of changes stemming from COVID-19 in Human Resource Management and their permanence across four different specialties of HR: staffing, performance-management, training and development, and benefits. From there, the study aims to observe other changes in HR’s wellbeing and value in the workplace to aid current and future HR professionals in their career paths. This study intends to review only the work of HR professionals in their work with employees, as well as the state of HR professionals themselves. Research methods include a literature review of observed changes to HR’s function and level of responsibility as well as a primary investigation of HR professionals’ observations via a voluntary survey. Limits to primary research include sampling errors from collecting responses via LinkedIn as well as a limited sample size. Overall, this study indicates an inexorable shift to virtual task completion, scrutiny of performance measurement standards, and greater emphasis on distributing compensatory benefits. HR professionals are confident in the value of their work and believe that their responsibilities will expand in a post-pandemic world.


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