Khaled Ismail

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Schewe, Elizabeth

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Center for the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality


In order to create a world where homosexual desire, masculinities, and sex is reconciled, gay porn challenges and presents new ways of framing our understanding of sexuality, gender and sex. It does so by offering options that are more fluid and interchangeable, and by rearranging normative lines of logic in ways that better fit the gay male experience. Several popular categories of gay porn blur the lines between normative understandings of sexual identity, masculinity and sexual behavior, allowing space for fluidity and a more fulfilling experience of desire. To demonstrate this, I explored three popular experiences in online gay porn; Gay-for-pay websites; websites that depict married men and fraternity guys engaging in same-sex sexual behavior; and websites that depict same-sex behaviors between men in the military, teacher/students in schools, locker rooms, and the work place. What I found is that the experiences in these three categories attempt to construct a world of fluid sexuality and sex by homoeroticizing the dominant frameworks of masculinity and heterosexuality


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