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Adams-Campbell, Melissa

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of English


Language is as much a form of communication as it is a form of identity. This research focuses on Latino interactions where code-switching is used, revealing who the characters are and what is significant to them. I analyzed when and how often characters turned to CS during their interactions, so that I would understand why. I learned that CS occurs in between languages and dialects. CS, then, isn't only used by speakers who include multiple languages in each sentence; it is also used when we change the tone of our speech. It's important to recognize that CS is not a sign of ignorance but rather of inclusion. A character’s decision to jump from one world to another is a representation of their closeness to the community. By intertwining his/her native and learned tongues, the character could belong both here and there without having to choose one world over the other.


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