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Carter, Robert L.

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Educational Technology, Research and Assessment


As the world continues to grow increasingly interconnected through the advancement in technology it is becoming vital to the success and enrichment of students to provide them with experiences and learning activities that promote global education. With the many resources the community, nation, and world has to offer, global education should be easily implemented into every classroom. Unfortunately it is not. Before conducting research, it seemed easy to assume that there was a lack of literature and resources readily available to educators that would allow them to integrate global education activities. On the contrary, there are many websites that promote the collaboration of classrooms across the world through the use of communication technology. There is also a great deal of literature from the past three decades in support of global education which also supports the used of diverse learning activities for an increasingly diverse student population. After conducting research in the area of global education, it seemed necessary to compile lessons and activities both original and taken from other sources which would support the implementation of global education at all levels of schooling.


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