Jared Veliz

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Zinger, Donald S.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


In our senior design project, we designed an inverter to be used in a fuel cell power automobile. The inverter that we are designing is intended to provide a constant sinusoidal voltage of roughly 21OVto the motor of a fuel cell vehicle. We will design the inverter in such as way as to control the speed of the motor, control the voltage produced, maintain a constant current, and vary the frequency in the circuit. To do this we have added several parts to our circuit. The inverter we have designed is composed of several different parts. We have an IGBT module to control the motor and a gate driver to control the switching of the IGBT module. We have also designed a controller circuit to provide the gate driver with the proper sequence of inputs. This sequence determines which transistors in the IGBT module will turn on and at what time. We have also modified a PWM chip so as to keep the average voltage of the circuit low. This in turn keeps the current throughout the entire circuit at a constant level. The final component is a veo chip. We have engineered this chip in such a way that we can have a variable speed motor. All parts of this circuit have combined to form a successful inverter. We are able to control all parts of the motor that we had intended to do. More importantly we have been able to do so with component, voltage, and current values that are very reasonable. We limit losses and power consumption, while maximizing efficiency. Finally, we were able to control each portion of the circuit successfully, all while using just one single input.


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