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Xie, Xiaolin

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Family, Consumer and Nutrition Sciences


Everyday people are struggling to meet very basic needs for themselves and for their family members. They turn to the government, community and non profit agencies to help them overcome obstacles. This research paper will analyze the different resources that specific countries provide and will find out what resources work best to relieve people from poverty. The measurements will be based off the number of people who have overcome their situations and will give specific examples of people who have done so. It will also measure the results based off of the environment, government and each country’s history and traditions. The countries I’ve chosen to research were Guatemala, the United States, the United Kingdom, Zimbabwe and Japan. The results will help society understand what needs to be done for our community and other communities around the globe, how we can best help them and it will recognize the people who have gone against all odds and successfully recovered from the hardships of poverty.


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