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Song, Shin-Min

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Typically, freecoasters are used in BMX street-riding applications. The freecoaster is a mechanism found in the rear hub of a bicycle which allows a bicycle to roll backwards without the bikes' pedals having to move along with it. This may not seem important for the casual bike rider, but this is crucial for the successful completion of many BMX tricks. Currently the mechanism that performs this action is accomplished through an unreliable friction spring, coupled with a cone and driver. These components along with others and combined with hardware such as nuts and bearings comprise the rear hub of the bicycle. Therefore, the focus of our design will be primarily to increase the reliability of this design. Secondarily, we hope to improve on several other ofthe designs' flaws which include price, durability, and ease of adjustability, while still maintaining the overall look of the freecoaster. Finally, we expect to add a new component, adjustability, to the design. In doing so, the rider will be able to control as much or as little slack in the pedals as he/she desires.


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