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The retail industry has been around for many years and plays a big role in the economy. Fraud that affects the retail industry can also affect society and its economy. In addition, fraud can cost the retail industry on average over $1 million (Association, 2008, p. 16). Shoplifting can be one of the most costly forms of fraud to a company. Collusion, which may go hand and hand with shoplifting, is another fraudulent activity that can cost retailers a great amount of money. Register theft is a form of fraud that can cost companies billions of dollars each year. Financial statement fraud is different from the others because it is completely internal. Large corporations such as Wal-Mart deal with fraud everyday and have the resources to prevent and detect it. Other smaller companies such as "Mom and Pop Shops" or family owned restaurants, however, may not have those resources. Companies have been doing a lot more to protect themselves from being defrauded by customers and employees. Technology has played a major role in helping companies both large and small to succeed in catching those criminals.


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