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Motavalli, Saeid

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering


Motorola's Radio Support Center (RSC) in Rockford, IL is planning to expand its current facility of 60,450 square feet to 120,900 square feet. A project team of three senior-level industrial engineering students has completed a complete facility design and flow analysis for the expansion. The major task that was undertaken by the project team was to learn the processes within the RSC, analyze and improve the processes, and design a layout for the expansion. The project team has developed the facility layout in three phases: the placement of departments, the actual design of individual departments, and the installment of conveyors. The objectives of the final layout are to optimize the receiving, login, billing, packaging, and shipping areas, while improving the material flow throughout the facility with the utilization of a conveyor system. The goal of the project team was to develop a facility that can service 4000 units per day on both the FEP and Linx lines. With the use of drafting software, time studies, justifications, and simulation software, the project team has come to a final recommendation for the client. The overall cost of the expansion will be approximately 8.9 million dollars. With the increase in volume of units, the expansion will pay for itself in less than a year. The final recommendations are thoroughly discussed within this report.


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