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Cripe, Brad||Smith, Pam

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Accountancy


There are a wide range of competencies that factor into a successful career in accountancy. I researched and summarized the competencies that are identified by various constituencies as contributing to career success and the importance of these competencies in the accounting profession. I mapped these competencies to the department of accountancy learning goals and objectives in recognition of how the department strives to align the curriculum with the factors that lead to student success. This spring, I was in the position to evaluate how well the accountancy curriculum prepared me for my internship and self-reflect on what skills or competencies I felt were gained through the internship experience itself. I realize that my personal experience may not reflect the experiences of other accountancy students. Therefore, under the guidance of Professors Smith and Cripe, I designed a study to survey accountancy students’ pre and post-internship to measure student preparedness for the internship, and skills / competencies gained during the internship. The overall research objective is to explore the influence of NIU’s accountancy department curriculum on internship success. From the data collected, students’ confidence level in the competencies outlined in this report increased during the internship as measured by a pre and post-internship survey. These finding are consistent with my personal experiences. I conclude with recommendations for improvement in the accountancy curriculum to aid future students in their internship performance.


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