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Fash, William Leonard

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For the past 100 years the jungles of southern Mexico and Central America have been slowly yielding their secrets of the ancient peoples who had once ruled them. These people, the Maya Indians, are considered to have created one of the major civilizations of the New World. These people grew from the jungle and it is from the jungle that the order of their society is derived. ... In the spring of 1988 preliminary investigations were made of structure 10L-16 in order to determine if it was feasible and worthwhile to begin a large scale investigation of the structure the following year (1989). The 1988 field work would also better prepare the investigators if indeed a large scale operation were to commence the following year by providing stratographic data, carbon samples and ceramics. The second half of this paper is concerned with the findings of the 1988 field season and includes a brief interpretation of the information extracted. In order to better understand the context of the 1988 findings a very brief history and explanation of the layout of the site of Copan is necessary.


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