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Hansen, Earl E.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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I conducted an analysis to determine the ergonomic stressors placed on an employee during a grinding operation. A review of a videotape filmed of the operation indicated that the employee's discomfort was probably related to the low work surface height, the abduction of the right shoulder, and the pronated grip used to hold the grinding tool. In order to improve the employee's posture, the following changes were suggested: 1. Raise the workbench to a height of 36 inches and enable the employee to tilt the work surface forward if desired. 2. Install a foot rail to reduce the static load on the legs 3. Instruct the employee to use a neutral power grip when holding the grinder to reduce the strain on the wrist and elbow tendons. 4. Eliminate the need to hold the right arm in an abducted position. 5. Insulate the grinding tool with insulating material to reduce vibration exposure. 6. Provide hearing; protection for the employee to use.


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