Zoe B. Talyor

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Petges, Nancy

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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School of Nursing and Health Studies


If nursing students/nurses use a developed tool targeting and walking through of all 5 rights of medication administration, step by step, there will be a decrease in medication errors. The utmost goal that nurses hold in their practice is to provide the highest quality of care possible, in order to achieve the best patient outcomes. Many barriers exist when it comes to maintaining optimum quality of care. However, one that is extremely prevalent in today’s practice is related to errors with medication administration. Failure to complete any of the five rights to administration is considered a medication error. Whether it be the route, the dose, the drug itself, the patient, or the time, a medical error in any of these categories can lead to severe adverse effects that could possibly lead to injury of the patient or possibly death. The cause of medication errors is quite variable, and a practical solution is needed in order to help guide nurses in avoiding medication errors and the related adverse events. After completing a thorough literature review, I will take the research found and apply the knowledge to develop and propose a basic safety and quality improvement intervention that will help in elimination medication errors.


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