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The topic that this thesis focuses on is the early anti-Semitic theories of Europe that influenced the later theories of Adolf Hitler. Anti-Semitism has existed throughout history, but the rabid theories of the nineteenth century had the greatest impact on the young, impressionable Hitler. The first portion of the thesis delves deeply into the theories of the mid- and late nineteenth century which would influence the attempt to annihilate the Jewish community. The middle portion focuses on the theories of Adolf Hitler and his proposal for “the Final Solution.” The final portion of this thesis deals with the main question many have when faced with the vast, irreversible implications of the ideological movement of Nazism—how could an intelligent, technologically advanced, heterogeneous nation of people allow the virtual annihilation of another race? The research dealing with this topic involved both primary and secondary sources.


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Ein Volk! Ein Reich! Ein Führer!

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