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Zhou, Haiming

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Division of Statistics


As college students continue to have more demanding schedules, their grades may be slipping, and their emotional state may be becoming worse. This research aims to determine how more time demands affect the academic success and emotions of happiness, enthusiasm, frustration, and feeling overwhelmed for Northern Illinois University (NIU) undergraduate students. This project started by designing a survey for the students to complete. After the design of the survey was finished, the survey was sent out via email to randomly selected students. The students who completed the survey were split into four different groups depending on the activity that they performed most during the previous fall semester (Fall 2019) and the previous spring semester (Spring 2020). NIU student-athletes were the group of interest. The other three groups were part-time working students, full-time working students, and non-athlete, non-working students. Then two-sample t-tests with unequal variances were used to determine if more time demands indicate a lower grade point average (GPA), a lower rating of happiness and enthusiasm, and a higher rating of frustration and feeling overwhelmed. The results indicate that full-time working students spent more time per week on the extracurricular activity that they performed most than student-athletes, while student-athletes spent more time than non-athlete, non-working students. Then the results suggest that full-time working students had a lower GPA than student-athletes and that full-time working students felt less happiness than student-athletes. Furthermore,the results show that student-athletes felt less enthusiasm than non-athlete, non-working students. Lastly, the results indicate that full-time working students felt more frustration than their student-athlete counterparts. With the results from this research project, hopefully administrators, professors, bosses, coaches, club leaders, parents, and peers become more aware of how time demands affect the academic success and emotional state of NIU undergraduate students.




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