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Matuszewich, Leslie

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B.A. (Bachelor of Arts)

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Department of Psychology


Every day we experience some type of stress. High levels of stress are a common contributor to health problems. In our lab we have previously found that exposure to 10 days of unpredictable stress reduced motivation for a sucrose reward (Bond, Anderson, McWaters, & Matuszewich, 2015). When stress occurs, our bodies release the stress hormone cortisol (corticosterone in animals). The present study was designed to assess whether administering corticosterone through drinking water would elevate blood levels of corticosterone and therefore it can be used to accurately simulate chronic stress in rats. In this study rat’s plasma corticosterone levels were evaluated on day 5 and 10 after being administered corticosterone via drinking water for 10 days. The results demonstrated that corticosterone levels were actually lower in the blood of rats given corticosterone in their drinking water compared to rats given plain drinking water.


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