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Conderman, Greg

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B.S.Ed. (Bachelor of Science in Education)

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Department of Special and Early Education


More and more often, students with special needs, such as those with Autism, are being included into the general education classroom (Harrower & Dunlap, 2001). The problem to be solved is that often general education teachers are unaware how to accommodate the needs of students with Autism. This project deals specifically with general education teachers and how they can best accommodate students with Autism, specifically focusing on times of transition. Transition times for students with Autism are especially difficult and through their frustration they will often showcase "problem behaviors such as verbal and physical aggression, tantrums, non-compliance and self-injury" (Banda, Grimmett, & Hart, 2009, pp. 16-17). This project features research about visual schedules, first-then supports, environmental supports, peer related supports, timers, prompt, sensory items, task analysis and other related interventions. These ideas are supported by a literature review, interviews and information from relevant organizations. The following exploration of these resources provides teachers with a description of possible strategies to use that are both research based and that inform instructional practices.


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