Dawn M. Carr

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Flores, Luis G.

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B.S. (Bachelor of Science)

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Department of Management


For my Capstone I worked on a project studying the link between organizational planning, learning and performance. In the study I looked at four different industries in the Midwest. These industries were financial services, manufacturing of electronics parts, newspapers, and metal stamping. A survey was sent to each of the companies in these four industries after a phone call was made to each of them. As the surveys were received they were entered into a computer program for regression analysis. There were four main hypotheses that were looked at and the following are the results of those hypotheses. A strong support was shown for a relationship between strategic planning and level of organizational learning. There was also a positive relationship between learning and performance. No relationship was found between strategic type and the learning/performance relationship. There was a relationship between level of environmental hostility and learning, but not for environmental hostility and sales.


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Link Between Planning, Learning, and Performance

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